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Workers’ Compensation

Brooklyn Workers’ Compensation Attorney Fights for Your Benefits

Protecting New York’s employees

You have devoted your skills and hard work to your job. If you are injured on that job, you deserve compensation. You are entitled to workers’ compensation for an injury or illness that you sustained at your workplace or at a work-related activity, regardless of whether it is directly connected to your job. Even if your employer was not negligent or otherwise at fault, you have a right to workers’ compensation benefits. Geoffrey Schotter fights for the compensation injured workers rightfully deserve, including:

  • Compensation for permanent disability
  • Dependents’ recovery for a worker’s death
  • Lost wages or salary
  • Rehabilitation expenses

I help you pursue any benefits you are entitled to under the law.

Waiving workers’ compensation benefits

Seek legal advice before accepting any workers’ compensation benefits if either of the following are true:

  • Your injury was caused by an assault or other intentional act of violence against you by a boss or coworker; or
  • Your employer did not have workers’ compensation insurance on the date of your accident.

Ordinarily, you are not allowed to sue your employer directly in an actual court for injuries you sustain on the job, and you must file a workers’ compensation claim. However, if either of the above two situations apply, you have the option of either pursuing a workers’ compensation claim or pursuing a civil personal injury action against your employer. In these situations, if you choose to file an actual personal injury lawsuit, you can potentially recover far more money than you ever could in a workers’ compensation claim, and such lawsuits may be easier to win than a typical civil negligence action because uninsured employers waive defenses that other defendants in such cases would have.

Once you accept a workers’ compensation payment, however, you forfeit your right to pursue other remedies against an employer who intentionally caused you harm or a negligent uninsured employer. I analyze your case to determine how you can recover the greatest possible compensation.

Appealing workers’ compensation decisions

You must appeal of an unjust workers’ compensation denial within 30 days of the decision. Failure to appeal in time bars you from recovery of compensation you rightfully deserve. I handle the rigid bureaucratic process of appealing workers’ compensation decisions both within the Workers’ Compensation Board itself and, if necessary, to the Appellant Division of the New York Supreme Court and perhaps beyond.

Contact a tenacious workers’ compensation attorney

From my Brooklyn, New York office, I help employees throughout New York City, Westchester, Long Island, and beyond file workers’ compensation claims and appeal workers’ compensation denials. To schedule a free consultation with a dedicated workers’ compensation attorney, call (347) 413-9014 or contact me online.

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